Download Punjab Educare APP Latest Version

Punjab Educare APP Latest Version

The purpose of creating the Punjab Educare application was to Even if schools and educational institutions are closed during a Lockdown, children can use it to improve their education and abilities. Punjab Educare APK has developed it in a very good way.

One is that we can run it on our mobile device with great speed, and the other is that its interface is very simple. Anyone can use it very easily. You do not need a computer to use it. You can install it on any Android mobile. It works on all Android Visions.

You can get education by downloading this application on any Android device. The help of Punjab Educare Apps is very helpful for the children who are studying in primary school.

This is a small application that you can download very easily And you don’t even have to pay any annual fees, You can use it for free. It is especially used in Punjab as it is made for their school. In addition to young children, older students and teachers also use it with great interest and are learning from it.

Punjab Educare app information

  • Application Name
  • Punjab Educare APP
  • Application Size
  • 8.6 MB
  • Developed By
  • Department of school education, Punjab (India)
  • Application Version
  • 3.1

Punjab Educare APK


Why Punjab Educare APP was created

Recently, when the lockdown came, this app was developed. The purpose of the Punjab Educare APP was to enable the students to study at home even if the educational institutions are closed.

With the help of this app, students can join online classes in addition to offline information. This is a great educational application, Once you have it installed on your device, you don’t have to carry your school bag because it works like your school bag.

In it, you can study Punjabi Mathematics, English Science and all subjects. It is very popular in Punjab because people like it very much and use it, This proved to be very helpful for the primary school children of Punjab.

The closure of educational institutions during the lockdown did not affect his education, but with the help of the Punjab Educare APP, he continued his education as if he was studying in his school.

How to Use Punjab Educare APP

Punjab Educare application is for educational purposes only It is very easy to use as it is designed in such a way that any student or toddler can use it easily. This is a small application. You can download it from Google Play Store or below Link. You can easily download it.


Punjab Educare APK

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Punjab Educare App


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